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Your Designer’s Guide for Modern Kitchen Remodel

Your Designer’s Guide for Modern Kitchen Remodel


As the premier provider of custom storage solutions in the Bay Area, we know that the heart of every home lies within its kitchen. We're dedicated to helping you unlock the full potential of your space with our Italian cabinetry and expert design services. Our modern kitchen guide has you covered, whether you're considering a complete remodel, searching for new cabinets, or just seeking inspiration. 


Key Elements to Consider for a Kitchen Makeover

Think about how you use your kitchen. How many people in your family regularly cook? Do you use more fresh ingredients, or do you keep a lot of dry goods available in the pantry? What works for you now in your current kitchen layout, and what do you need to change as you plan your new kitchen design? 


Selecting a Design Style for Your Kitchen


Create a Pinterest board with kitchen remodel design ideas that you absolutely love. Consider exploring different layouts to find what will best suit your home.


Our favorite minimalism style combines functionality with refined aesthetics, featuring clean lines, no clutter, and solid neutral colors in lighter shades. Take a look at the collection of modern kitchen cabinets by Cucine Lube



The Role of Color and Texture in Modern Kitchens


Consider using natural materials and textures in your design for a warm and inviting space. Dark colors are recommended for flooring as they convey a sense of solidity and invulnerability. To enhance lighting in the kitchen, opt for gloss finishes over matte ones to create pleasing reflections. A dark color scheme exudes elegance and sophistication. 



A well-chosen pair of curtains will add a personal touch and help you control the amount of light: white curtains, for instance, are an ideal match to pastel colors, whilst brighter walls need to be balanced with colorful drapes.


Maximizing Functionality in Kitchen Design


Modern kitchens are organized, well put together, and free of clutter. This is why utilizing smart storage solutions and keeping all your dinnerware, servingware, pots, and pans in an organized and, ideally, hidden manner is so important. Storage under your kitchen island is the perfect place to hide bulky items, whilst floating shelves and large pantry cupboards are ideal for either showing off cookbooks or storing your food and ingredients. 



Consider which modern kitchen features you want in your remodel plan. Smart appliances can help you automate your kitchen tasks with handy tools and programmable settings. They can also sync with each other and other smart home controls.



If you plan to upgrade your kitchen with the latest in smart kitchen appliances and tools, don’t forget to install hidden panels, additional outlets, and a voice-control assistant device to keep your kitchen looking sleek. Clean lines and natural textures are popular in modern kitchens, and too many screens can clutter your design.


How To Hire A Kitchen Remodeling Contractor


Research potential contractors through online reviews on websites such as Yelp and Houzz. Contact your friends and family in the area, and ask if they’ve had any great experiences with nearby contractors. You can get a few names and numbers for reliable services, and recommendations for contractors to avoid. 

Schedule an initial phone consultation with a few top picks. Then follow up with an in-person site meeting to discuss details/specs of the project before signing a contract. This will give you a better sense of the contractor’s approach and how well you interact with each other. 

Even small kitchens require time and patience. Setting up a time frame is undoubtedly one of the most important steps to a kitchen remodel. Start by considering the following: delivery times of supplies, your availability, and drying or setting times.


Premium Quality Cabinets from Europe


The elegance of European kitchen cabinets lies in their simplicity and sophistication. Their clean lines and uncluttered appearance create a sense of calm and order in the kitchen. The frameless design of European cabinets offers a seamless, integrated look, while their streamlined, horizontal lines add a modern, contemporary touch.

At Bay Area Cabinetry, we believe that exceptional quality begins with the materials we use. That's why we're proud to be an official distributor of premium quality cabinets sourced directly from Europe. 

As official distributors, we can guarantee the authenticity of our products, ensuring that every cabinet bears the hallmark of Italian excellence. Our direct partnership with European manufacturers allows us to cut out unnecessary costs and pass on the savings to our customers, ensuring that you get exceptional value for your investment. 


In Conclusion


We pride ourselves on our expertise in crafting custom storage solutions tailored to the unique needs of every homeowner. From premium kitchens to cozy kitchenettes, our team is dedicated to helping you organize, optimize, and transform your living spaces with precision and style.


If you need help remodeling your kitchen, get in touch! Schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation and get an estimate today!

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