Walk-in Closet Design Tips

Walk-in Closet Design Tips

When it comes to designing a closet for your favorite possessions, there are several factors to consider. Space, personal style, and practicality all play important roles in the design process. Whether it's a modern walk-in closet occupying a single side of a bedroom or even its own separate room, there are numerous choices to explore. Horizontal or angular, with traditional or sliding doors, we can help you navigate furniture pieces from top European brands.


Consider Your Space and Define Your Needs


A well-designed closet maximizes space. Measure the dimensions, taking note of windows, doors, or nooks. If you are looking to transition a whole room for your closet, add a little luxury with seating, lighting and a dressing table. If you have limited space, create a galley-style wardrobe behind a false wall in your bedroom. Another option is to incorporate a mirror door wardrobe to add functionality without sacrificing wall space for a mirror. Consider merging a walk-in closet with a master bathroom, to make life easier when dressing for the day. 



Before designing a new closet, think about your clothing and storage needs. Do you have more long items or short? Do you have more handbags or shoes? Do you want items hidden or displayed? Make a list of the required spaces and curate a Pinterest mood board for style inspiration. 

Invest in Quality Materials 


Invest in high-quality materials for your walk-in closet to ensure that your cabinets can withstand daily use and remain in good condition for years. Consider options such as matt lacquered wood, glass, lacquered metal, or melamine. Select materials that match your style and complement the overall design of your home. For example,  if your home does not have enough natural light, white finishes can contribute to a brighter atmosphere.



An elegant combination of glass and aluminum that, besides being extremely lightweight, guarantees maximum matching freedom: each element, from structure to equipment, is entirely customizable. Explore our favorite high quality European brands Tomasella, Faer Ambienti and Sangiacomo


Use a Mix of Storage

Combine open and closed storage options with a modular closet system to create a custom layout of rails and shelves tailored to your specific needs. Consider including a shelf with built-in watch winders, wardrobe railings for outfit planning, and pull-out or pull-down shelving for easy access to items stored at different heights.

Open shelves provide an aesthetically pleasing display and convenient access. However, they require tidy folding and ironing since they are constantly visible. The less accessible upper sections can be used for out-of-season clothes and special occasion outfits.

For accessories like ties and belts, having dedicated racks or hooks can keep them organized, otherwise, pull-out racks with dividers also provide easy access and help prevent unwanted wrinkles.


To make it easier to choose your daily outfits, It is also important that everything is accessible and easy to view. Things like glass shelves, pull-out trouser racks, and rotating shoe racks alongside the closet hanging space can help to fully utilize a walk-in space. 



As a flexible system that is easily adapted to various requirements, Tomasella's walk-in closet can be mounted against a wall. Accessories are customizable and this wardrobe accommodates hung drawers and pull-out or fixed shelves.



Add a Functional Island


A closet island dresser is a luxurious addition to any bedroom or closet space. It is a great way to store smaller items and keep them organized while adding elegance and style to the room. They are usually made of high-quality materials and can be custom-designed to fit the exact specifications of your closet. Check out the Lumiere walk-in closet in Walnut Tundra finish by Faer Ambienti. 


Designer’s tip: incorporate an outlet on the side of your island so that you can charge your phone or other electronics while getting ready for a night out - or even style your hair. 


Light Up the Room


Optimal lighting ensures that items are shown at their best and creates a calm, relaxing atmosphere for getting ready. In addition to general room lighting, LED strip lights can be incorporated to specific areas such as jewelry displays, accessory drawers, or under-cabinet spaces for focused illumination.



Use Glass Closet Doors

The glass doors give your walk-in closet a high-end boutique look. The dark gray door design is simple, beautiful, and unique, resulting in a relaxing and elegant bedroom style. Glass enclosures with aluminum frames provide eye-catching storage while enabling clothes to take the stage in this walk-in closet. Glass wardrobes serve as a perfect room divider. 




Glass cabinets allow for a great look while protecting the clothes. To add some privacy, you can choose to go for a tinted glass for the glass cabinets which wouldn't be completely see-through.


In Conclusion


Bespoke storage can elevate the interior while providing organization. At Bay Area Cabinetry, we specialize in custom-made premium wardrobes, dressing rooms, and walk-in closets, and our experienced designers will work closely with you to bring your dream wardrobe to life. Schedule a design consultation to get a free estimate. 

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