Ways to Maximize Kitchen Storage Space

Ways to Maximize Kitchen Storage Space

In the quest for a more efficient and spacious kitchen, it often feels like there's never enough room to fit everything. Our designers will share tips on creating modern, functional kitchens that not only meet daily needs, but also seamlessly blend style and comfort to maximize storage space. Making cooking easier, and more enjoyable.


Assessment and Planning


Start by assessing what you use regularly to maximize kitchen storage space. This targeted approach helps with planning where to place and store each item. It's important to plan a clever layout that best fits your space, like a well-designed U-shaped kitchen that strategically positions the stove, sink, and fridge on different sides to create an efficient work area. The Unica model by Cucine Lube is a great illustration of this.



If you have windows in your kitchen, consider placing the sink beneath the window to let in natural light while washing dishes. With home remodels, keep in mind of the existing plumbing location when designing this setup. Moving plumbing can get costly. Extend some of your cabinets all the way up to the ceiling regardless of your kitchen's size; this will make the ceilings feel higher and create a more spacious atmosphere. This will also give you a lot more storage to hide all your kitchenware.


Open Shelving


An excellent and visually appealing way to make your kitchen feel more open and airy. This easy, yet fashionable idea also turns empty wall areas into useful storage spots for dishes, recipe books, pantry goods, plants, and other items you want displayed. 



To increase organizing space even more, consider adding a shelving system on the backsplash. These systems like Modular in the photo below allows you to add accessories such as hooks to hang cups or utensils, paper towel holder and more! Utilizing all available space effectively. 



Kitchen wall panels bring visual appeal and depth to the design. With a wide range of finishes, they not only look great but also serve practical purposes, such as accommodating electric sockets and LED lights. Looking for inspiration? Check out these kitchen ideas to get started with this stylish addition to your space.


Corner Storage Solutions


Adding a carousel to your cabinet is a way to maximize storage space and easily access items in the hard-to-reach corners of your kitchen. Often referred to as a Lazy Susan, there are 2 or 3 carousel trays stacked on top of each other and placed into corner units in L-shaped and U-shaped layouts. The carousel effectively utilizes the cabinet's space while offering a clear view of its contents.

Corner base cabinets usually become wasted space or very hard to reach. Other times have spinning carousel type systems that you would need to spin a certain angle in order to close the door properly.   


Our corner cabinets have a newer system named after the famous French racetrack, the Le Mans corner unit. The Le Mans corner features two spacious  kidney shaped trays stacked on top of each other, extending deep into the kitchen cupboard. Each tray moves independently in a swift, smooth motion for easy access to its contents and easily pushed closed with a built in soft closing mechanism.




Pullout Storage


Get the most out of your kitchen cabinets by adding custom pullout features to maximize storage space. Pullout shelves and drawers make tight cabinet spaces more useful and allow for easy access to items at the back, which is great for storing large pots and pans near the cooking area. While an expandable kitchen drawer organizer is a game-changer for creating extra counter space.



Pull-out columns are great for optimizing narrow, long spaces in your cabinets, providing a well-organized pantry. These mechanisms can be integrated or independent from the door. Gruppo LUBE offers semi-customizable shelves in the column according to user needs, striking a balance between fixed and sliding storage compartments.



Spice Storage


The best place to store spices is in a dark, cool spot, like a drawer or cabinet. Keeping them well-organized and easy to reach by designating a special storage area just for your assortment of spices can make the cooking experience more convenient. Pull-out drawers accessories make it simple to see all your spices at once with just a quick look, and labels help you keep everything clean and tidy.



Recycling Pullout Storage


Get clever with waste and recycling organization by integrating easy storage options into your kitchen layout. For example, you can install a pullout bin for recycling in a lower cabinet. This creates a specific area dedicated to keeping recyclable items and trash hidden away.



Kitchen Island


Adding a kitchen island can make your kitchen more practical, providing extra space for preparing food and storing items. It also helps to improve the flow of your kitchen and serves multiple purposes, like offering a convenient spot for quick meals without sacrificing style. Also great for having family and friends over allowing face to face conversations. 



Innovative solutions


Swift  is an innovative sliding surface placed on the worktop from the Genius-K collection by Gruppo LUBE. When closed, it seamlessly conceals the work area from the sink to the cooking hob. And then, when opened, it transforms into a convenient snack bar for additional seating, with household appliances beautifully displayed.



In Conclusion


Maximizing kitchen storage space requires strategic planning and innovative design solutions. Implementing these ideas will help you create a kitchen that not only looks great but also functions efficiently. 

From premium kitchens to cozy kitchenettes, our team is dedicated to helping you organize, optimize, and transform your living spaces with precision and style. If you need help remodeling your kitchen, get in touch! Schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation and get an estimate!

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