Bathroom Design Trends to Inspire and Delight

Bathroom Design Trends to Inspire and Delight

Modern bathrooms seamlessly blend timeless vanity with eco-friendly upgrades. According to a Houzz report, one in five homeowners enlarges their primary suite’s bathroom during remodels and nearly three in five bathrooms now measure 100 square feet or more. Whether you're currently renovating or just browsing for ideas, let's dive in to explore the latest bathroom design trends!




The eco-conscious approach continues to shape our choices in every aspect of life, including the design and functionality of our homes. Our bathrooms are evolving to reflect this, manifesting most prominently in smart water-efficient fixtures, LED light bulbs, and light dimmers.

Sustainability was the main bathroom design focus at the Salone del Mobile 2024. The installation “Under the Surface”, designed and created by Accurat, Design Group Italia, and Emiliano Ponzi, turns the spotlight on the vital importance of global water resources and their conservation, aiming to investigate and reflect on the water footprint of the bathroom furniture supply chain.


Maximum Personality with Color


Color is a powerful tool for injecting personality, and complimenting color combinations will create different moods. Whether it's the coziness of wood, the shine of copper and nickel, or sinks, and bathtubs with black and green accents, people want to add splashes of color to their home. For a truly personalized touch, homeowners are opting for unique vanity designs that reflect their style and taste.



Sinks Integrated into Vanity 


A  marble countertop with a built-in basin is a bathroom design trend you’ll find in any luxury home these days. Marble is durable and can withstand daily wear and tear. It is also heat resistant which means your curling iron won't harm marble countertops. Sinks that flow seamlessly into the vanity give a real architectural statement. Check out our portfolio of bathroom projects



Double Vanity

Sometimes one vanity simply isn’t enough. If you share a bathroom, you might crave your own getting-ready space. A double sink proves especially helpful in the morning when everyone is in a hurry to meet their busy schedules. You don’t have to compete with your partner for your sink space



Floating Vanities


Floating vanities have become a popular trend due to their minimalistic design and space-saving features. Visually, floating vanities are going to make a bathroom look bigger and they come in an array of configurations and different storage features. They also make it easier to clean the floors beneath your sink and those hard-to-reach areas.




Spa-Like Features


It’s such a nice idea to bring a spa element to your home. Have time for yourself and just relax. Steam showers, freestanding tubes, towel heaters, massaging shower heads, soaker tubs, and heated floors are just a few examples of spa-like features. As bathrooms continue to be a space for mindfulness, many are looking for more opportunities to slow down and relax in their bathroom spaces.



It’s something that’s been seen in Cosentino's 2024 Trend Report, with 69% of designers and 53% of homeowners saying that it’s the one hotel-inspired element they’d like to have in their homes. In their 2024 Bath Trends Report, the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) also says that “a spa-like atmosphere to support wellness” is topping the bathroom design trend charts.


If space allows, nothing beats a centerpiece to anchor a room. Check out Cerasa’s new DES collection presented at the International Bathroom Exhibition 2024 in Milan. 




The Natural model is characterized by light tones. In contrast, the Deep Green model embraces dark and sophisticated finishes. The Caramel and Sandstone models, with their shades of Canaletto Walnut and Eucalyptus, evoke a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 


Statement Lighting with Sconces 


Traditionally in a bathroom, you have an overhead light and a mirror. However, the overhead lighting doesn’t give you a true reflection of your face and makeup. In 2024 sconces on the sides became a trend, they offer a lot more subtle and soft light. 


Checkerboard Tile


You may have noticed checkerboard tile floors everywhere in the last couple of years, and it's one of the undisputed bathroom design trends. We can attribute its popularity to a variety of factors, including its timeless aesthetic, versatility, visual interest, and mix of traditional and modern appeal.


Integration of Technology

Specialized vanities with built-in charging stations, upgraded LED mirrors with anti-fog and dimming, and smartphone-controlled floor heating systems are already becoming increasingly listed and featured elements in contemporary bathrooms. 


In Conclusion

Focusing on a more timeless aesthetic also furthers the popularity of sustainable design where water- and energy-efficient features, LED lightbulbs, and dimmers are all continuing to gain prominence. 


At Bay Area Cabinetry we love designing master bathrooms, as it’s often where our clients spend a lot of their time. These spaces, as well as the kitchen and bedroom, are what we consider to be one of the most important when starting a new interior design project, be it a new build or remodel. Infuse style and personality into your space with our design tips and schedule a complimentary consultation

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